Trending Now – Online Divorce Mediation

Online divorce mediation is surging across the country. Traditional ways of divorcing through litigation in the courts are simply not available to spouses seeking separation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Courts are either closed or experiencing major delays. Divorce attorneys are limited in their ability to family law litigation.

Divorce mediation is not only for amicable spouses who wish to have a healthy divorce. Many mediation cases are high conflict and include past histories of infidelity, deceit, and addiction.

The online divorce mediation process is simple and very efficient. Spouses with conflicting schedules can use online mediation services and avoid the need to take time off of work. For divorcing spouses who live in different cities, or different states, making travel to in-person mediation is very challenging or impossible. Those who live in remote areas, or those with health conditions or disabilities, may find online services more easily accessible and preferable to in-person meetings. Many prefer online mediation due to the convenience of completing the mediation process in the environment of their choice.
Most family mediators offer a simple online mediation process:

  1. Initial consultation. Many mediators offer an initial complimentary online consultation,to explain the mediation process and to answer questions
  2. Depending on your state, your mediator may be able to file for you and take care of all of the legal paperwork. Avoiding an aggressive Petition for divorce prevents conflict. No one gets “served” in mediation.
  3. Mediation helps you reach all agreements. In online meetings, your mediator will raise each divorce issue and help you to understand the law. Your mediator should also help you develop options so that you can reach mutual agreements that benefit both of you. All property and support issues are resolved. If you have children, all child-related issues should be covered in a Parenting Plan.
  4. Finalize your divorce. Your agreements are made final when you both sign and the court approves of your Final Judgment or Decree.

The benefits of divorce mediation are equally advantageous “in-person” or online. Spouses stay in complete control of their own divorce terms. They never set foot in a courtroom. Mediation is confidential, although specific rules vary from state to state. Online mediation is 80-90% less expensive than litigation in court and with mediation, it only takes an average of 2-4 months before a divorce is finalized, compared to often, one year or more in litigation. Meditation lowers conflict, thereby lowering stress for spouses and their children.

The health and well-being of children are protected when parents avoid a custody battle, and parents can establish healthy patterns of communication and develop a detailed parenting plan that will contribute to a healthy co-parenting relationship in the future.

Consider discussing the advantages of divorce mediation with your spouse or sharing this information with a friend in need. Divorce does not have to be an ugly battle that is expensive, time-consuming, or detrimental to your children.

Family mediation provides a healthier divorce option that focuses on the positive aspects of communication and helps spouses develop mutually beneficial agreements. The online divorce mediation option gives you the opportunity to easily avoid a court battle, and choose a healthier and more peaceful divorce process.