COVID-19 Video Dates – For Family, Friends, Playdates, and More

To stay healthy and sane at home, check out these ideas for creative video visits. Whether it be date night, special time with grandma, or connecting with friends for a play date, video visits keep us connected and are a great time to learn something new.

  • Baking or Cooking Class:  Gather the same ingredients and a new recipe at the same time.  Better yet, create a ‘Chopped Challenge.’ Find 5 random ingredients in your kitchens, set a timer for 30 minutes, and see what each of you can make. Then, sit down and enjoy your meals together over video.
  • Movie Night or TV Show Binge-Session:  Did you have plans to enjoy a movie with your friends, or to watch a favorite series with family members?  Plan a Watch Party, including snacks (don’t forget the popcorn!), blankets, and PJs.  Set up in front of the TV and make sure to press start at the same time.
  • Game Night:  So many games can be easily played via video.  For older children or an adult game night, consider Trivial Pursuit or Scattergories.  For younger children, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Battleship, or Pictionary might do the trick.  The key is to pick games that don’t require you to use the same game board or games that use a limited number of pieces.  Also, consider online versions of games, like Monopoly (online) or Words with Friends.
  • Art Session:  Consider working on an art project together.  This could be one person teaching everyone else, much like a painting class with an instructor, or everyone can work on their own project.  Select a famous painting and let everyone create their own version.  For real crafters, make your own pinatas for a video fiesta later that week.
  • Book Club:  Trying to teach your children from home?  Wanting to help your child fall in love with reading?  Choose a book that your kid and their friends will read by a set date.  This could be something as simple as Green Eggs and Ham, or something more complex, such as your high schooler’s required reading.  They will enjoy reading it much more if they get to talk about it with their friends.  For older kids, incorporate reading questions or assignments for group discussion. For younger children, plan a group art project that helps them understand the book they just read.  And don’t forget to enjoy your own book, then video visit with your friends to discuss the book and share a glass of wine. 
  • Picnic (with a Twist): Set up a blanket on the floor and enjoy a video picnic.  But what are you going to eat? It’s a surprise!  Each person orders for someone else via online delivery services, such a GrubHub or UberEats.  Order something you know they love, or help them step out of their comfort zone and order them something new.  It’s like dragging your friend to the newest restaurant without leaving your couch… or floor.
  • Workout (Yoga, PE Class, Etc.): Enjoy some online workouts with friends or family.  For your kids, it can be particularly helpful to get them active in the middle of a long homeschool day.  This can be a great opportunity for them to get creative with their friends.  Each day, a different child can lead the workout, or PE class.

Staying positive, productive, and connected is a healthy recipe for making the quarantine time fly by.  You can still participate in so many of your favorite activities, just with a video twist.